Content Types & Their Definitions (User Perspective)

Content Types & Their Definitions:

Content types are structured pieces of data used throughout your website and described below. Each content type contains one or more predefined fields related to the intended purpose of the type. For example, an Image has a path, a title, and an ALT field.

A developer can also extend any of these content types with custom, unstructured data. This data only appears when editing a page and will not show up in the property dialogs. Typically, it is up to the site developer to add unstructured data and choose how to render both types on a page.

Pages: A “page” is essentially a URL or website address. For example, if the URL is then the page would be “about-us”. Any content type described below can have one or more pages derived from it and a page is always derived from structured content. That is, a page cannot exist until you create a parent content object.