{{ code }}

Contains code - which may be any of CSS, Javascript, Liquid Markup, JSON objects, or any other type of code. This code is not evaluated or processed before being output. Use with extreme caution.


string object_type
Will always be "code".
true/false is_valid
True if the value is not empty.
string code_type
The type of code the value is written as - will either be null, js, css, less, scss, or liquid.
string value
User-defined. No validation. Could be anything.
string output
The value as it was input by the user, which is the same as the value property.
html output_in_list
Same as output.
string field_id
The identifier for this field.
string default_value
The default value for this field if no value is specified.


{% if page.custom_css.is_valid %}
	<style type="text/css">
		{{ page.custom_css }}
{% endif %}

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