{% datastore_list %}


{% datastore_list [[var|set|assign] new_variable_name] [output_to_template] [input [...]] [unique] %}

You MUST include either a variable name to assign the list to, "output_to_template", or both (if both output_to_template should be the later argument).

If you are assigning the list to a variable and do not specify one of "var", "set", or "assign", then the "var" behavior will be used - which is to save the result on the current scope. If new_variable_name starts with '&', will attempt to assign the value by reference.

If you are outputting the list to the template, it will use the default output for datastore_lists

You may include as many inputs for the list as desired. Each input may be a datastore, a list (collection/array/etc..) of datastores, a guid, or a string.

If specified, the "unique" keyword MUST be at the end of the tag. If included, the resulting list will not include any duplicate datastores.

Developer Overview

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