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Environments Overview

Last Updated 1/24/2019

Lessons Overview

This lesson covers the primary application environments that you will be interacting with when using Marketpath CMS. It's important to understand our terminology for these environments because we refer to them often.

Marketpath CMS is primarily comprised of three main environments: Manage, Live, and Preview.

Manage Environment

The Manage environment is where all your content creation and updates take place. This is where you create and edit blog posts, articles, calendars, image galleries, etc. It’s where you organize your content and apply tags. Generally speaking, nothing appears on the Live site without originating from the Manage environment.

The Manage environment is accessed here:

Live Environment

The Live environment is where your public facing website is hosted. This is where prospects, customers, or other individuals visit your site and interact with the content you’ve created and published. This is where conversions take place by filling out forms, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading whitepapers and case studies and more.

As an example, Marketpath’s Live website can be found at

One important thing to note is that the Live environment is not updated until content is published in the Manage environment.

Preview Environment

The Preview environment is where you preview your changes prior to publishing them. This environment is an exact replica of the Live environment. That is, the engine that renders preview sites is the exact same as the engine that renders Live sites. The biggest difference is that content is automatically sent to the Preview environment every time you save your content, whereas, in the Live environment, you have to explicitly publish the content.

By default, the Preview site requires a password and limits concurrent visitors to a maximum of 10. Once logged in, the preview session will expire after 1 hour and requires a user to enter the password again. If you are currently editing your site in the Manage environment, however, you will not be required to enter a password.

Security & Separation

These three environments are completely separate from each other in both their physical and virtual environments. This is often referred to as a decoupled CMS.

Separating these three environments allows us to implement multiple Live instances to scale our platform as traffic and usage increases or decreases.

Most content management systems combine the Manage, Live, and Preview environments into one environment per site. This creates a higher security risk and makes critical fixes and feature updates more difficult to apply rapidly.

Marketpath CMS mitigates these additional risks by separating the environments, each with their own specific security considerations.

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