Marketpath CMS Tutorial Series

Help & Support

Last Updated 1/24/2019

Lesson Overview

This lesson explains the various ways you can find help and support while using Marketpath CMS.

Help Site

The Marketpath Help site provides many different resources for finding help. It has tutorials to learn the ropes, how-to articles on miscellaneous topics, developer documentation, frequently asked questions, and more. Most of the pages throughout the help site allows you to leave helpful comments or ask questions.

Visit to find most of the help and answers you'll need.

Support Portal

Marketpath provides a support help site where you can create new support tickets, respond to and view the status of open tickets, and view closed tickets. Before creating a ticket, however, we encourage you to search our help site for related topics and answers. We do our best to respond quickly to new tickets, but sometimes the queue gets long. 

Visit to create new or work with existing tickets.

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