Marketpath CMS Developer Tutorial Series

Go-Live Process

Last Updated 3/6/2018

This lesson shows you how to take a site live if you developed using only the Preview Site.

One of the great benefits of Marketpath CMS is that your site is free until you go live. You can work from the preview server as long as you want without incurring any fees. The preview server, however, requires a password from time to time, limits simultaneous user sessions to 10, and has a very ugly domain name. Taking your site live allows you to use your custom domain with unlimited users and no required password.

This lesson assumes you've already added a custom domain and performed the Pre Go-Live: Site Domain Swap. Or, if you've already added a custom domain and didn't use a free development domain, then you're ready to go!

Currently, during our pre-beta phase, there is no Go-Live process. After you complete the Pre Go-Live: Site Domain Swap your site should be ready to go.

Update DNS

You will need to update the DNS of your domain to point to

Contact for further assistance.

---- End of Lesson ----

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