Marketpath CMS Developer Tutorial Series

Support & Maintenance

Last Updated 3/6/2018

This lesson covers how to receive developer support and Marketpath CMS maintenance.


To receive developer support for Marketpath CMS your best bet is to check out our help site - Conducting a search may provide you the answers to your questions.

Of primary importance to developers is our developer documentation that provides all the gory details about templating, object data, and much more.

You can also send support requests to One of the first available support reps will assist you. When sending an email support request, please include your name, organization, the site you're working on, and a step-by-step description of your issues.



Marketpath CMS maintenance, including feature updates, bug fixes, and feature additions, is scheduled regularly. If we're performing a full update you will receive an email notification and see a notification popup in Marketpath CMS. Typically, when a full update occurs, we turn off all agents, including the publish agent, sync agent, import/export agent, and others.

If were performing a quick bug fix, we may not issue any notification at all, unless the fix is more involved and requires agents to be stopped or users to log out.

Very few updates affect the uptime of our live websites. If we we expect any live site downtime we will specify this in our communications to you.

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