Marketpath CMS Agencies Overview

Whether you're starting a new agency, want to manage all your sites in one place, looking for a new alternative to other content management systems, or just intrigued, Marketpath offers multi-site management for agencies to manage client sites as well as their own easily and quickly. 

Sign-Up ProcessOnce Your Agency Has Been Approved | Manage Your Agency | Add an Existing Site or Account | Create a New Site or Account

Sign-Up Process

Before you can begin setting up your agency, you must create your own user in Marketpath CMS. After you verify your own user account, you can create your first site (which is free until go live), an account, or your agency account.

To begin creating your agency's account, sign into Marketpath CMS. In the top right corner you'll see a cog icon for Advanced Settings: click this icon. Select "Agencies" from the drop down list.


Click "+ New Agency" and fill out the information in the prompts. Required information includes the agency name, business address, website, and phone number. Once you submit this information through the CMS, the information will be provided to the Marketpath team for verification that the agency exists, and that you work with the agency. 

While you're waiting for our verification process, you can build a website, take tutorials, and sign up for a demo. Within 1-2 business days, you'll receive an email notifying you that your agency request has been approved or rejected. 

Your clients can also invite your agency to help them manage their site or account. If you have a client interested in doing this, please register your user and agency first or concurrently.

Once Your Agency Has Been Approved

You now have the flexibility to help your clients by managing their sites or accounts on their behalf, including:

  • Creating or updating content
  • Blogging
  • Creating new (landing) pages
  • Updating styling or templates
  • Creating a new site
  • Taking a site live
  • Managing or taking over billing (for the site or account)
  • Basically, do everything your clients can do!

View and Manage Your Agency

To view and manage your agency, you'll navigate to the top right corner of Marketpath CMS. Click on the cog icon for Advanced Settings. Select "Agencies" from the drop down list. If you agency has been verified you'll see the following options and be able to manage from here:

Agency Management Screen | Marketpath CMS

Two Ways to Add an Existing Site or Account to Your Agency

Client Invites Agency

Anyone associated with an account or site with Manage Site permissions can invite an agency. To do this, the user will navigate to the top right corner in the CMS to the Advanced Settings (cog icon).

Clicking on either "Agencies" or "Accounts", the user will be able to invite or manage the agency from this dialog box. After clicking the "Invite" button, the user will type in the email address for at least one user associated with the agency. He or she will also have the ability to grant or limit permissions. When the invitiation is configured, clicking the "Invite" button will send an email to the email address that was previously entered. 

The emailed invitation will prompt you, the agency user, to view the invitiation in the CMS. After you click the in link in the email, you can choose to reject or confirm the invitiation. If you are a apart of more than one agency, you can choose the appropriate agency to accept the invitiation. After clicking accept, you're ready to manage your client's site or account!

Agency Requests Access

Looking to make it easy for your client to grant you access to their account or site? Then, request access. To do this, the user will navigate to the top right corner in the CMS to the Advanced Settings (cog icon). Select "Agencies" from the drop down list. From here, you can request access to sites, accounts, or both.

After you click your selection, click the "Send Request" button and type in the email address for one user associated with the site or account. Clicking the "Invite" button will send an email to the user letting them know you'd like access, and it will provide them with a direct link to manage your permissions. As soon as they accept, you'll be able to view the site or account within the CMS. 

To Create a New Site or Account Associated with Your Agency

As an agency, you'll regularly be creating new websites. Each website in Marketpath CMS is assigned to an account, which is the owner of the site. If your client already has an account, they can grant you permission to manage the account or they can create the site. If they do not have an account, you can choose to either set one up for them and then grant them all permissions or have them (register as a user and) create an account and grant you permission.  

Creating a new a site can be done from "Advanced Settings" or "My Dashboard". During the new site setup process, you'll be asked to assign the site to an account or create a new account. After completing the new site workflow, you'll be able to begin developing the site.

If you need to create an account for your client, navigate to the Advanced Settings (cog icon) and select "Accounts". Select "+ New Account", and follow the prompts. You'll have the new account set up in no time!

Still Have Questions?

Whether you've already registered or you're just interested in Marketpath CMS, we'd love to talk to you! Please contact us at or call 800.657.7786.