How To Articles

How-Tos provide information and examples on how to utilize various features of Marketpath CMS. Select a feature below or use the search to find something more specific.

  • Live API

    This how-to contains details about using the Marketpath CMS Live API to consume and distribute data within the same website or to external channels.

  • How to Create a Master Page Template

    With Marketpath CMS you can create a master page template that defines specific content areas within a page layout. Then, you can create specific page templates that extend the master template and only provide content for those designated content areas.

  • How to Add Redirects

    This How-To article explains how to add and manage Marketpath CMS Redirects. 

  • SEO Page Properties

    In our new CMS software the SEO elements are featured at the top of each page under “Page Properties”. Click here to learn more about ways to optimize your website.