Automation Overview ID: DBT-AUTO-OVR

Capturing and acting upon visitor conversions that take place on your website are a critical component of successful sales & marketing. Automation in Marketpath CMS is comprised of triggers and actions. Automation is available in the following Marketpath CMS plans: Plus, Pro, & Enterprise.

Triggers are the events that take place within the Manage or Live environments. The following triggers are currently available: 

  • Publish - when content is published from within the Manage interface
  • Form Submission - when a form is submitted on your Live site

Actions are the resulting steps that you want taken after a trigger has occurred. There is only one action at this time:

  • Send To Zapier

Even though we only have one action available, that single action allows you to integrate with 1,500 other applications that have also integrated with Zapier. That puts an enormous amount of potential in your hands.

Usage Example 1

ABC Corp has a simple contact form on their website. The form captures first name, last name, email, company name, and phone number. They setup a new Zapier Zap that captures prospect form submissions. When the form submission takes place the designated individuals receive an email of the submission (which is already built into Marketpath CMS). Then Zapier performs the following additional actions:

  • Send a thank you email to the prospect with a nurturing message
  • Create a new lead in Salesforce
  • Add the prospect to a Constant Contact email marketing list
  • Send a slack notification to the sales channel alerting them of the fresh lead

Usage Example 2

ABC Corp publishes new blog posts weekly. When these are published in Marketpath CMS they automatically post to Twitter, LinkedIn, and facebook through their social media management tool, Hootsuite.



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