Creating a Site ID: DBT-GS-CS

You can start creating a new site in Marketpath CMS by clicking My Dashboard > Create a New Site or clicking settings drop down at the top right (i.e. the cog icon). Both will display the New Site Wizard (Fig. 1).

Figure 1 - New Site Wizard - Name Screen

First provide a unique, friendly name for the site, such as "Test Site" or "ABC Corporation's Site"and click Next. The Account step is then displayed (Fig. 2).

All sites have a single parent Account which contains the contact and billing information of the customer. You don't have to enter any billing information but you do have to create or select an account. If you are a new user and no accounts are listed, an account name will be generated automatically for you (fig. 3).

Figure 3 - New Site Wizard - Account screen

If you're setting up a site for a business or organization, change the account name accordingly (fig. 4).

Fig. 4 - New Site Wizard - Account with business name

If you see a list of accounts, you can click the Create a New Account button to create a new account or select the account from the list (fig. 5).

Figure 5 - New Site Wizard - Create a ew account or select existing

If you are with an agency, then the general rule of thumb is that each of your customers should have their own account. If that doesn't already exists, then click Create a New Account (fig. 6). Once you save your new account the New Site Wizard will automatically advance to the next step.

Fig. 6 - New Account dialog

Next, select or add a domain (Fig. 7). The quickest way to get started is to add a development domain. You can always add your production domain before you take the site live.

Fig. 7 - New Site Wizard - Domain Screen

Click Create a New Domain and type in a sub-domain with only letters, numbers, or dashes (Fig. 8). The sub-domain must be unique and will display an error if not. Click Save and the New Site Wizard will advance to the next step.

Fig. 8 - New Domain dialog

The next step is to select a Plan for your site (fig. 9). Review the available plans and make your selection. You can change this later when you take your site live. You can also compare plans by selecting one or more checkboxes and clicking View Details. If you don't know, just click the Starter plan for now. 

Figure 9 - New Site Wizard - select a plan

Finally, choose an existing, pre-built theme or click the No Theme - Create a Blank Site button (fig. 10). If you're new to Marketpath CMS we highly recommend selecting a basic theme. This will help you get a feel for how a site is built. If you select a blank site, however, you can use the import engine to import a previously exported site or site partials.

Figure 10 - New Site Wizard - select a plan

The final step allows you to review your selections (fig. 11). When you're ready, click the Confirm Site button to create your new site.

Figure 11 - New Site Wizard - confirm your site

This should only take a few seconds to create the site. The Site Created popup message will appear, if successful (Fig. 12). 

Figure 12 - New Site Wizard - Site created notification

When you click OK you will be redirected to the new site. If you selected a theme, the theme will have to be imported and can take several minutes or more, depending on the load of our import agent. Typically, the new site is fully imported and published to preview within 5-10 minutes. You can monitor the import status by clicking Site -> Imports and occasionally refreshing. The import status will say "completed" when it has finished.

Free Until Go-Live

Free until Go Live isn't just a marketing gimmick. You can take as long as you need to build your site and use the preview site until you're ready for the world to see it. The preview site is a great tool and provides an exact replica of the Live Site environment. 

The preview environment is also a great way to learn Marketpath CMS. You can create a sandbox site to play around with, practice course lessons, and test concepts.

But preview domains are long and ugly and the sites require a password if you're not editing the site in Marketpath CMS. It is perfectly acceptable to go-live early during your development process with the free development domain or using the custom domain you provided. If you do this, however, your site will begin to incur fees.


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