Blogs & Blog Posts ID: DBT-HUCO-BLG

Marketpath CMS makes it easy to create both traditional blogs and to go beyond tradition to define new blog-like content, such as company news, press releases, product releases, and more.

Standard Fields

A Marketpath CMS Blog Post contains the following default fields:

  • Internal Name
  • Title
  • Image
  • Summary HTML
  • Content HTML

Uses for a Blog Post

Blog posts are virtually identical to articles with one major exception: blog posts are primarily organized by their parent blog. The main consideration in determining if something will be a blog or a series of articles should be what will make it easiest to manage. Given the variety of ways you can organize and query content in templates, blogs may or may not be an intuitive option.

A few considerations to keep in mind when developing new blogs:

  • If the blog content will be tagged, authored, or organized by folders you should build that into the blog template(s)
  • Custom fields are your friends. Go wild with them, but keep usability for your content creators and editors in mind. Also remember that custom fields only work if your blog posts have pages that use the template the custom fields are defined on.




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