Sharing Page Previews ID: EBT-OC-SPP

In one of the first lessons of this course you learned about the Preview environment. The Preview environment allows you to see your changes to content prior to publishing it. Every time you click the Save button, your changes are sent to Preview.

Access Site Preview

To view the preview site, open an object’s properties dialog and scroll down to the Page group. Click the View Preview button (Fig. 1) and the preview for that object and page will open in a new tab.

Figure 1 - View Preview button on object properties page

The Preview site will require a password for outside visitors. However, if you are logged into Marketpath CMS and access the Preview site you will not be prompted for a password.

Sharing Site Preview

You can share the Preview site with others by clicking the Share button (Fig. 2) while in an object’s properties dialog.

Figure 2 - Share button

The Share This Page dialog will appear (Fig. 3).

Figure 3 - Share This Page dialog

Click the copy to clipboard icon icon-copy next to any data in the dialog. The larger white text box contains pre-written details that allow you to share all the information (Preview URL and password) quickly and easily. Just click the copy button next to it and paste into a new email.


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