Blocks, Locks, and Activation ID: PRFL-EDIT-LOCK

Marketpath CMS Profiles provide three distinct ways to manage the access each Profile has to the Live site.


A block will completely deny Profile logins and access to Live sites. A block will stay in place permanently until the profile is unblocked.

To block a user, click the Block button just under their Email (fig. 1). The block action will take place immediately.

Figure 1 - Block action

To unblock a user, click the Unblock button (fig. 2). The unblock action will take place immediately.

Figure 2 - Unblock a user


Locks are typically applied automatically on your live site when a user has too many failed login attempts. Locks are only applied for a predefined amount of time, and are automatically removed once that time is complete.. This is intended as a security measure to reduce the likelihood of a dictionary attack to guess a user’s password.

To unlock a user who has locked themselves out, simply click the Unlock button in the Profile Properties dialog (fig 3). The unlock action will take place immediately.

Figure 3 - Unlock a user


Activation is another way of saying “verified”. Since an admin is creating the user, they are most likely already verified, so by default, new Profiles created from the Manage portal are already activated, although you may choose to create an inactive profile instead.

Profiles created from the live site, however, are inactive by default. This allows you to verify their details (typically just their email address) before activating the profile. Just as in the Manage portal, your template developer may choose to activate new profiles without further verification if desired.

To Activate an account manually, simply click the Activate button (fig 4). The activate action will take place immediately.

Figure 4 - Activate an Account



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