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There are many ways in which Marketpath CMS Profiles can be used. Your implementation may be different than any other implementation, and even if you use a common Profile package from the Marketpath CMS Package Manager, your implementation will likely be unique.

Here are some common usage scenarios for Profiles. Which one does your site use?

Company Intranet Site

A company Intranet site can be built that allows employee access to internal company documents, calendars, videos, news feeds, and other resources.

Your company mission and vision, company handbook, health plan information, vacation plans, employee contact information, birthdays, company holidays, and much more can be included.  Forms for logging time, vacation requests, and HR complaints can be created. You can also post outstanding staff spotlights and big sales wins.

A great company intranet site could be set up to also allow other employee types, such as contractors, board members, or strategic partners. Each Profile would have their own login and access to only designated content.

Customer Portal

A customer portal can provide a centralized location for your customers to access pertinent documents designated just for them. For example, customer profiles can be assigned to a customer group which is used to provide access to specific documents and content, such as custom pricing documents, customer contracts, project documents, and more.

Dealer Portal

A dealer portal can provide a strategic resource for your dealers to download updated sales and marketing materials, view the latest company and product news, submit address or billing changes, and much more. When companies support their dealers in this way, especially dealers that carry multiple product lines from other suppliers or manufacturers, their sales of your product typically increase.

Subscription Content Site

You can put your subscription content behind a paywall, offering only sneak peeks. When customers are ready to subscribe, they can set up a subscription and gain access using an unlocked Marketpath CMS Profile.

Distributed Content Hub

With Marketpath CMS, you can maintain all of your content in one location and provide access to that content through Profiles and data feeds. A distinct Profile for each content consumer, such as iOS or Android apps, RSS readers, custom applications, or any other consumer type, can pull down the data they need and utilize it accordingly.

Have another great idea?

If you have another great idea that you’d like to see built and implemented with Marketpath CMS Profiles, tell us about it. There’s a good chance we’ve already built something similar and, if not, we just might take it on!


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