What is an Account in Marketpath CMS?

An account in Marketpath CMS is the parent container (or owner) of one or more sites. Typically, the account is the business or organization responsible for site fees and payments. However, an agency can be the responsible billing entity if desired. This allows agencies to invoice clients separately for their subscription and also take advantage of volume discounts.

Who owns Accounts in Marketpath CMS?

Marketpath CMS accounts are typically owned by the end client. This allows clients to maintain control over their account and sites and connect with agencies as needed. Agencies, however, can create their own accounts for their agency but also for their clients if they don't want clients to have control over the account. Every customer relationship is different and we try to accomodate those differences. 

Our recommended best practice is to have one account per unique client and then all of the client's sites contained within that account.