How do I add a domain to my account?

Domains can be added to an account by opening Users -> Accounts -> Domains and clicking Add.

What is the difference between a development domain and a custom domain?

A development domain ends with (or another Marketpath domain). These domains require no verification and are quick and easy to setup.

A custom domain is a domain you've registered and maintain yourself. Custom domains require verification before you can add them to your account.

Why do I have to verify my custom domain?

We require domain verification because we want to make sure the real domain registrants or operators of a domain are the only ones who can use it.

How do I verify a domain?

Marketpath provides three methods for verifying a domain: 1) adding a TXT record to DNS, 2) adding a CNAME record to DNS, and 3) adding a meta tag to your website.

Can I use the same domain on more than one site?

Not at this time. Domains can only be used on one site. In order to use a domain for a new site you will need to completely remove it from the site that is currently using it. You can do this by adding a development domain to the current site and then performing a domain swap to remove all references to the domain. Once completed, remove the domain from the site and it will be available for use in the new site.