What Does it Mean if a Package is "Marketpath Approved"?

Marketpath Approved packages have been manually reviewed by the Marketpath staff and have passed a thorough test against a wide range of best practices and standards.

Can I use any Marketpath Approved package on my site?

Approved packages meet certain minimum standards, but this does not guarantee that they will work on all sites. Other information you should consider is how well you know the company that created the package, what the demo and documentation pages say, what other standards and/or frameworks it uses, and how it may or may not conflict with other packages on your site. If in doubt, consider contacting Marketpath or another developer to help you find out.

What exactly are the approval standards?

The approval standards are outlined in the Package Development Guilelines.

How Can I Get My Package Approved?

To get your package approved, send an email to support@marketpath.com with the subject "Package Approval". In the email, identify the package (or packages) that you are seeking approval for. You should receive a response within a few business days.

If there are any changes that the Marketpath team identifies which you need to make to your package for approval, these will be communicated to you in the support request and you will have an opportunity to make those changes and have your package reviewed again.