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Data Structure

Last Updated 3/6/2018

Understanding how information is stored and accessed in the CMS is invaluable as a developer. In this article we will discuss the primary ways that data is defined by Marketpath developers and by non-Marketpath developers.

There are primarily two types of data in the CMS, structured data and unstructured data.

Structured Data

Structured data simply refers to content (objects and fields) that is defined identically for every site on the CMS. An example is a blog which has blog posts, which in turn have an image, a summary, and content.

Some of the structured data is required and will be consistently present for all objects (eg: which blog a blog post belongs to) but most of the structured data is optional and may or may not have a value (eg: the blog post summary) - which templates should be created to take into account.

It should be possible to create a website entirely from structured data, but to fully customize and polish off a site it is helpful to also utilize unstructured data.

Unstructured Data

Unstructured data refers to content that may vary from site to site or even from object to object. Marketpath CMS provides multiple opportunities to define and utilize unstructured data, including custom fields on entities and pages, datastores, and custom site settings.

Wherever unstructured data is available, it is the site/template developer who should be responsible for setting it up. This is to ensure that it follows conventions used on the rest of the site and is consistent with how data is stored and accessed throughout the site.

Although it is more difficult to query unstructured data (with some provisions for datastores), unstructured data is included in the full site search.

We will discuss the various types of unstructured data in more detail in the next lesson: Unstructured Data.

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