Editor Bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented users from being able to create hyperlinks on images in WYSIWYG mode.
  • Content was not saved properly after inserting or editing a link until the user modified something else in the same content area.
  • Users could not return WYSIWYG mode after switching to source mode and then clicking outside of the editor area or into another editor instance.
  • Fixed Advanced Properties dialog to prevent adding/altering invalid or disallowed properties (eg: cke-data-attributes, data-ref, etc...)

Other Bugfixes:

  • Fixed bug with viewing and untrashing trashed objects

  • Fixed a situational UI bug which caused save operations to silently fail and prevented the page editor from highlighting the related error message(s).

Feature: Link Title

Updated the link editor dialog to automatically autofill the link title when linking to a page, document, or image unless the user has already specified an alternate title.

Feature: Download Name

When linking to a document, allow the user to specify what they want the downloaded file's name to be.

This HTML feature is dependent on browser implementation to work properly, and is also subject to CORS limitations.

There is a known bug with this feature which causes linked documents to be opened in a new tab instead of downloaded in most browsers. Due to the complicated nature of the bug, it may take some time to resolve it, but once it is resolved files should be downloaded instead of opened in a new tab, and should use the download name provided - including on links that have already been created.