In this short sprint, we added a few significant "small" features. Additionally, we addressed almost all outstanding bugs.

Notable Features

Profile History

Profile history now displays actions taken in both the live site and the management interface.

Fieldset Field

The new fieldset field allows the developer to define a self-contained "object" composed of other fields which are stored and accessed all together instead of separately. This field may either be used to create a single object (which is particularly useful for custom site settings and custom profile settings in order to keep a group of related settings together), or to create multiple objects without having to define separate fields for each.

Guided Package Installation

One of the challenges we have identified with packages is that they can be complicated to install at times. Our previous interface provided numerous capabilities and options for use while installing a package but we frequently found ourselves wondering what was the right action to take next. To solve that, we have created a package installation "guide", which sites at the top of the package installation dialog and provides the user with a single instruction and/or decision at a time.

Package Installation Guide

Small Features

  • Compare HTML as CodeWhen comparing object versions, allow toggling between comparing HTML fields visually and as code.
  • Use a version number for the editor stylesheet, and properly update the cached editor stylesheet when the editor stylesheet is modified.
  • Include anchor tag styles in the styles dropdown of the WYSIWYG editor. Adding/removing styles to anchor tags should add/remove classes from the anchor element. You should be able to add multiple classes using the styles dropdown.
  • After creating a new page, immediately show the "View Preview" button and the "Redirects" section.
  • Added more options to the "Publish All" dialog (Site > Site Administration > Publish All) to make it slightly more versatile.
  • Enable advanced datastore item queries in the management interface.
  • When editing a package, added the ability to mass update the package install method for multiple objects at once.
  • Implemented the comparison tool to compare conflicted objects in a package to the object as it currently exists on the site.
  • Ability to add image attribution and overviews for the images displayed on the login, reset password, etc... pages.


  • Bug #2934: Adding a domain with no nameservers results in an intuitive UI
  • Bug #3178: HTML characters in email subjects are displayed properly
  • Bug #3197: Adding and trashing folders updates the local folder cache
  • Bug #3209: Numeric field conditionals work correctly
  • Bug #3247: Version compare is consistent
  • Bug #3259: SSL Status for domains is intuitive when a site is not live
  • Bug #3293: Allow users to edit their "personal" account during new site creation after using the quick account creation option.
  • Bug #3410: Properly migrate SSL Certificates when migrating a domain from one site to another
  • Bug #3429: Liquid inspect works on all form field types
  • Bug #3443: Tooltips should be constrained to the viewable area
  • Bug #3452: Preview server should display all pages using https regardless of the domain or page SSL settings.
  • Bug #3463: View live button is displayed after a page is published
  • Bug #3479: Select fields are usable in site export dialog
  • Bug #3506: Gallery item ordering is intuitive when adding or uploading new gallery items
  • Bug #3509: Improve error message when a domain is already in use on another account to bew more helpful
  • Bug #3513: It is possible to begin creating a datastore item with an unknown datastore
  • Bug #3514: Site packages dialog allows you to select packages to update
  • Bug #3515: Users can resolve conflicted assets that require develop permissions during package installation
  • Bug #3527: "Add Content" should include an option to add a datastore item
  • Bug #3549: Allow users to select multiple versions to compare
  • Bug #3551: Restricted folder types should always be displayed properly and should only contain valid types
  • Bug #3574: Sorting datastores by a custom date field works