This short sprint was focused primarily on bugfixes and improvements following the last (large) release. Other than a few minor features, all of the work in this release went towards bugs and stability.


  • Improved stability for publishing and preview operations.
  • Better handling of scheduled jobs that "interrupt" each other.
  • Do not send site deleted notification for sites that are less than a day old and were never activated.
  • Display a helpful message during site creation.
  • Some UI improvements for package installation (filter by "Has page" - makes it easier to work with package installation on free sites).
  • Made it possible to create a site using the same package as another Marketpath CMS site - provided the other site displays the "Powered by Marketpath" notice.
  • Some other minor UX improvements for the new site wizard.


  • When importing templates (either from a package or an import), include child templates by name and not by GUID.
  • Corrected a UI bug with the site marketing widget with an active site that the user does not have billing permissions for.
  • Fixed a dispatch error during site creation.
  • Fixed site instructions bug in Safari.
  • Fixed profile password on create (bug #3794).
  • Corrected validation of entity and entitylist field default values, as well as recording their object references properly.
  • Fix for importing custom site fields and custom profile fields.
  • Fix for the broken site branding display on some sites.