The biggest improvement in this release is our new "New Site" workflow. It's brand-new and awesome! This comes with a number of additional package manager improvements. Plus, as usual, includes a number of additional bugfixes and improvements.

New Site

The new site workflow has been significantly overhauled and improved for maximum usability. After selecting a "theme" (or "Blank Site" if desired), you can typically just hit "Create Site" right away and update the rest of your information later. Marketpath CMS will automatically auto-fill the rest of your information with our "best guess" as to what would work and make sense. Of course, filling in more information up front - such as naming your site and creating or selecting the proper account - may make it easier to manage your site later.

This may seem like a "small" change - and in a sense it is - but it results in a significant usability improvement which makes the whole CMS feel better, particularly for new users. Additionally, there were a large number of organizational and backend improvements for packages which make them easier to use.

Package Collections

How to access package collections

You can now create your own package collections, which you can use to organize and locate themes and packages. Collections may either be public or private - which typically does not affect who can access the packages in the collection - only the collection itself. It can be used to grant access to private packages, however. More on that below.

To access package collections, navigate to your profile menu in the top-right corner and click on the "Package Collections" link.

Favorite Package Collections

How to add a Package Collection to your Favorites

If you find a public package collection that someone else maintains and you would like to easily be able to access it later, save it to your favorites! In addition to being able to filter for your favorite collections in the package collections interface, packages from these collections will be highlighted in the theme selector for the new site wizard.

Package Collections filtered by Favorites Only

Favorite Collection Displayed in Theme Selector

Recent Packages

Packages filtered by Recently UsedWe have added some improved tracking for when a user installs a new package on a site (including during site creation). These are automatically stored for easy reference later in that user's "Recent Packages". Limited to the most recent 100 packages.

Favorite Packages

Easily save your favorite packages for later reference. Limited to the most recent 100 packages that you marked as a favorite.

Private Packages

You can create either public or private packages. Public packages may be viewed and installed by anyone, but private packages may only be viewed and installed by those whom you grant access - including agencies, accounts, sites, or specific users. You can even manage access to multiple packages at once through a package collection!

Marketpath Approved Packages

With anyone able to quickly and easily create packages, we have added a new designation - "Marketpath Approved". We reserve the right and ability to make approved or unapprove packages as we see fit in order to make it easier for users to find high-quality packages that meet a minimum standard.

Package Labels

Packages can now be labelled with "arbitrary" key-value label pairs. This will make it much easier in the future to locate packages that work with a certain framework, follow certain standards (or at least claim to), match a specific industry, or any number of other possibilities. These labels can easily be filtered in the theme/package selection interface to quickly narrow down your search results to only packages that you might be interested in.


  • Fixed a bug which prevented uploaded files from being accessible in Marketpath CMS in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a permissions issue when attempting to manage an account without permission to manage sites.
  • Fixed a permissions issue which prevented users with billing permissions on the site from updating the billing information unless they also had billing permissions on the OLD billing entity (ie: which prevented them from updating the payer to themselves).
  • After udpating a site's name, some communications would still use the old name.