• Added ability to filter by favorite package collections
  • Added a working favorite package icon to alternate package views
  • Use the proper default image in all package views for packages that do not have their own image
  • Added permalinks to site instructions - making it possible to write instructions and share the direct link to those instructions with other users.
  • It is now possible to change a private package into a public package as long as it does not depend on any other private packages. It is also possible to change a public package into a private package as long as no other public packages depend on it.


  • Fixed a bug with packages containing stylesheet and javascript objects which was causing a large number of publish operations to fail.
  • Fix for saving objects that reference trashed or missing objects. Trashed or missing object references are now automatically removed when the object is loaded for editing prior to saving it.
  • Fix for unarchiving packages
  • Fixed a bug related to updating a site's name
  • Hide the "Remove" button from package collections if the user does not have permission to edit the package collection
  • Fix for the interaction between the preview site and the page edit form fields - which was erronously conditionally disabled on many sites
  • Don't display "READONLY" in the edit UI until after the content is loaded.
  • Properly update object statuses in the UI after trashing them.
  • UI bugfix: Do not attempt to untrash objects that are already not trashed if the user has both trashed and untrashed objects selected.

HTML Editor

We have udpated the HTML Editor. You should not notice any changes, but a few "minor" pieces of functionality may function better now - such as copying and pasting content, working with certain links, etc...

Backend Improvements

There are a small number of miscelaneous backend improvements in this release (eg: database performance tweaks, a couple backend automation fixes, excluding unnecessary data from certain serialized objects, etc...)