This minor bugfix and stability release only contains a small number of bugfixes and (mostly backend) improvements


  • Added "Image Preset" and "Image Preset List" custom field types.
  • When editing the user profile, users can now edit almost all of the information at once rather than having to edit address vs roles vs communication preferences, et al. separately.
  • Major stability improvements for SSL registration, including some changes to the way domains and SSL certificates are handled. A couple of tangible results are that SSL certificate issuance and installation will now typically happen much faster, and the site's "Fast Cache" will not be cleared when SSL certificates are issued or renewed.
  • Some minor improvements to the new site dialogs (eg: hitting the close button in the theme selector closes the new site wizard, easier account creation for your first account, etc...)
  • Improvements to some cleanup routines (eg: permanent site and account deletion)
  • Updated backend libraries to use the latest available code, and some improved test cases to prevent regression errors.


  • When a 404 error page is shown for a page on the http scheme ( but the error page (or domain) requires SSL, redirect to the missing page on the https:// scheme.
  • Fixed a situational bug where free sites would sometimes fail to go live.
  • Some UI bugfixes for site creation when the user does not have access to any accounts, changes domain settings between dev and custom domains with an account selected, and some other edge cases.