This sprint has actually been released piece-by-piece over the last several months. It has been heavily focused on stability and bugfixes with a few very minor features and usability improvements added as opportunity and need arose.


  • Fix to enable profiles on preview sites where applicable (changes to profiles from preview sites are still NOT synced back to the manage site, and there is no plan to do so).
  • Fixed a bug with agency invitations
  • A minor billing update for better handling of "catchup" invoices (ie: after a card expires and a site is deactivated)
  • UI improvements to support improved onboarding tutorials and in-app contextual help
  • Minor SSL certificate fixes
  • Startup, performance, and stability improvements for a number of services - most notably for logging services.
  • Other backend improvements


  • Fix for the new site created notification
  • Corrected some permission bugs for packages
  • Improved asset mapping and handling when installing multiple packages at the same time with the same assets.
  • Other package installation bugfixes and improvements
  • Only update package images when the "Save" button is pressed
  • Stability improvement for high concurrency in the APIs


  • Added a working "Blacklisted User Agents" site setting for all sites
  • Some additional improvements to the new site created notification
  • Do not send feature usage notifications less than one day before the end of the billing period
  • More stability improvements and backend bugfixes for monitoring, logging, and SSL certificates


  • Bugfix to remove the "Waiting for Verification" message in the site/account agencies dialog when the agency has already been verified
  • A couple small changes to the import dialog: 1) Limit the height of the error notification (only useful if there are numerous errors in an import), and 2) Add separate "Commit" and "Commit All" toolbar buttons in a dropdown group.
  • Bugfix for importing images with long formats (eg: .exifjpeg411) and for properly recording the image filesizes.
  • Improvements to error handling during import operations
  • Updated the "Emails" field to accept JSON list input - which fixed some bugs in form imports and package installation.
  • When creating forms from a package, automatically set the email notification recipient to the user who installed the package
  • Changed text on the form field "View Preview" button to "Preview Form FIelds" and add a message for forms that warns about differences between how the preview is displayed vs how the form may be displayed on the live site.
  • Fixed 2 site creation bugs related to custom domains - 1 UI bug and 1 backend bug.
  • Some other backend improvements


  • Fixed a big bug with image and document imports.
  • Fixed a slightly smaller bug with fieldset exports.
  • Fixed an even smaller bug with url field exports.
  • Object references now include site settings (eg: the favicon)


  • High priority bugfix for form submissions not sending emails
  • Fix for liquid parsing in javascript and stylesheets
  • Bugfix for merging custom field definitions when two fields exist with the same field id but one has a condition and one does not.
  • Fix for situational bug causing failure to activate some sites that do not require payment (eg: some free plan sites)
  • When installing packages, do not auto-progress if additional pacakges have to be added to the current installation
  • Do not show the outdated browser notification for opera browsers that are compatible with Marketpath CMS
  • Automatically close the properties dialog after opening an entity in the page edit interface
  • Another SSL certificate stability improvement
  • Backend performance improvements for monitoring and logging


  • Fix for some package installations not being applied properly on sites - which in turn prevented them from being updated.
  • Fix for auto-mapping "Install and Update" assets on sites intended to prevent naming collisions.
  • Sites created from full site packages now automatically copy the editor stylesheet and default gallery template settings from the original site (as of the time when the package was activated)
  • Fixed a UI bug with removing values from fieldset fields
  • Corrected bug with validation where conditionals on group fields were ignored
  • Removed certain unused fields from objects that could not have valid data in them
  • Added ability to filter by "In Package" and "Packages" for relevant objects
  • Added "Exclude" option to object and object list field types
  • Removed a large number of irrelevant and unused fields from object and object list field types (eg: DateCreatedStart, DoPublish, UnpublishDateEnd, Filter, etc...), which makes the UI somewhat cleaner for those fields
  • Automatically close the properties dialog when editing templates or code in a new window
  • Do not show "Next Billing Date" for billing entities that do not have a next billing date (eg: all sites are free).
  • Fixed sporadic bug with preview key generation in "Share" dialog.
  • Improvements to how field type changes are handled (eg: setting the default value when switching between checkbox and toggle fields, etc...)
  • Improvement to how the default values for checkboxlist, radio, select, and toggle fields are handled so that editing the values and options do not cause validation errors on the default value propery.
  • Fixed bug with Insert Link dialog never resolving when there is an error in the form (eg: entering an invalid custom URL and clicking the "Save" button). Also fixed an identical bug with the Insert Image dialog.
  • Added proper titles for the "Date First Published" and "Date Last Published" sorting options.
  • Added ability to view thumbnails in collapsed image lists, although it is still defaulted to hide the thumbnails when more than 10 images are selected, and if there more than 10 images selected the thumbnails will be smaller than if there are 10 or fewer images selected.
  • Some additional backend bugfixes and improvements