{% add_stylesheet %}

Use this tag to add a stylesheet to the document head of the current page.


Syntax: {% add_stylesheet input %}

Where input could evaluate to a stylesheet object, the guid of a stylesheet, the name of a stylesheet, or a URL. In order to add a script using a URL, you must use a fully-qualified URL, including the leading "http://", "https://", or "//".

Input may contain one or more filters (eg: {% add_stylesheet "/path/to/styles.min.css?v=" | append: vesion | prepend: cdn_domain %}).

All stylesheets added using this syntax will only be included in the document once, regardless of how many times they are added. This makes it safe to include stylesheets in sub-templates that may be included multiple times in a page.

This tag requires the "{{ header_tags }}" object to be present in the document head.


Add Stylesheet

{% add_stylesheet "Bootstrap" %}