Liquid Filters

Liquid Filters

Filters may be used to modify the output of objects before either being stored in a variable or output to the page. Filters should be used as "objectName | filter_name:filterParams" (eg: {{ | date: "MMM dd, YYYY" }}, or {% assign end_date = | add_weeks:1 %}).

Multiple filters may be applied to an object at the same time and are processed in the same order that they appear in the markup. Eg: {% assign my_date = | midnight | add_hours:3 %} will result in a different date than {% assign my_date = | add_hours:3 | midnight %}


inspect int maxDepth = 10 true/false forceLoad = false
Returns a json-like representation of the current object up to maxDepth layers deep (max 10). Will not load new information from the server unless forceLoad is set to true. Useful during template development and debugging, but do not rely on the result of the inspect tag for your live site:{{entity.what_is_this | inspect: 5}}{{variable | inspect: 3, true}}

String Filters

Use string filters to manipulate strings.

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Number Filters

Use number filters to convert, manipulate, and display numbers.

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Date Filters

Use date filters to convert, manipulate, and display dates.

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List Filters

Use list filters to create, manipulate, and display lists.

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Security Filters

Use security filters to encrypt and decrypt strings.

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