{% logout %}

Use this tag to log the current profile out


{% logout
Specifies that all session information should be completely reset, including the session id, session start date, and any session properties that have been set.
Specifies that the cookies should be cleared. This will clear all cookies with the possible exception of the permissions cookie.
Specifies that all permissions should be immediately unset. This is not the same thing as denying permissions - they will simply be unspecified. If the site is configured to allow sessions by default then the session permission will be allowed.
If there are any changes to the profile attributes or settings, these changes will be saved before logging off when save_changes is specified. If save_changes is not specified then any changes to the profile settings and attributes will NOT be saved.



{% logout %}

Logout clear session

{% logout clear_session %}

Logout clear cookies

{% logout clear_cookies %}

Logout clear session and cookies

{% logout clear_session clear_cookies %}