{{html }}

html Properties

Allows any valid HTML input. May also include <liquid-markup> tags.

Field Type Description
object_type string Will always be "html".
is_valid True|False True if the value is not empty.
value string The HTML input. If there are any <liquid-markup> tags, they will be evaluated exactly once. Multiple references to value will yield the same result.
plain_value html The HTML input exactly as it was entered. Anytags will NOT be evaluated before returning the result.
interpreted_value html Identical to value, except that template code insidetags will be evaluated every time interpreted_value is referenced.
output html Same as value - except that output is clickable in the preview site while value is not.
output_in_list html Same as output.
field_id string The identifier for this field.
default_value string The default value (plain/uninterpreted) for this field if no value is specified.