{{ datetime }}

datetime Properties

Field used to store a date. All dates are stored in UTC time.

Field Type Description
object_type string Will always be "datetime".
is_valid True|False True if the value is not empty.
value string  Unformatted date string (in UTC).
date time An object containing more detailed information about the selected date and time.
output string The value formatted using the "Short date pattern" (MM/dd/yyyy).
output_in_list html Same as output.
field_id string The identifier for this field.
default_value string The default value for this field if no value is specified.


Example Using post_date Date Time Field

{% if entity.rehearsal_start.is_valid %}

Rehearsal will begin on {{ entity.rehearsal_start | date: "MMMM dd, yyyy 'at' h:m t" }} UTC

{% endif %}