{{ author_list }}

Contains a list of authors.


string object_type
Will always be "author_list".
true/false is_valid
Returns true if the list contains at least one author.
list items
The actual list of authors.
number size
The total number of authors in this list.
number total_count
Same as size.
html output
The default output that the author_list would produce if it were output directly to the template - using the "output_in_list" property of each item in the list.
html linked_list
A shortcut to display a comma-separated list of author titles. Each title will be linked to the default page for that author if one exists. If there are no authors will output "(none)". The last two items in the list will also be separated by " and ".


This collection object may be evaluated as an object and as a list. When iterated through as a list, all of the standard rules for Liquid lists apply.


{% for item in collection %}
    <p>{{ forloop.index0 }}: {{ item.output_in_list }}</p>
{% endfor %}

Which is identical to

{% for item in collection.items %}
    <p>{{ forloop.index0 }}: {{ item.output_in_list }}</p>
{% endfor %}

As a shortcut, you can also output the full list using the default output values by using {{ collection }}.


{% if entity.authors.is_valid %}Written by: {{ entity.authors.linked_list }}{% endif %}

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