{{ blog_post_list }}

Contains a list of blog posts.


string object_type
Will always be "blog_post_list".
true/false is_valid
Returns true if the list contains at least one blog_post.
list items
The actual list of blog posts.
number size
The total number of blog posts in this list.
number total_count
Same as size.
html output
The default output that the blog_post_list would produce if it were output directly to the template - using the "output_in_list" property of each item in the list.


This collection object may be evaluated as an object and as a list. When iterated through as a list, all of the standard rules for Liquid lists apply.


{% for item in collection %}
    <p>{{ forloop.index0 }}: {{ item.output_in_list }}</p>
{% endfor %}

Which is identical to

{% for item in collection.items %}
    <p>{{ forloop.index0 }}: {{ item.output_in_list }}</p>
{% endfor %}

As a shortcut, you can also output the full list using the default output values by using {{ collection }}.

Developer Overview

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