{{ site }}

The site object is available on every page, and contains information about the current site. This information is the same on every page for the site.


string object_type
Will always be "site".
true/false is_valid
Will always be true.
guid guid
The unique identifier for the site.
string name
The name of the site.
string default_domain_name
The domain name of the default domain for the site.
string default_timezone
The default timezone for this site.
string default_meta_description
The default meta description for pages on the site.
number session_length
The number of minutes that sessions will remain active between requests on the current site.
string favicon
The URL for this site's favicon (if specified).
true/false liveedit_enabled
True if "live editing" is enabled for this site. Note that this only indicate whether it is enabled. To know whether or not the edit link will be displayed, use {{ header_tags.show_edit_link }} instead.
object settings
An object containing all of the site-wide settings for the site currently being viewed. You can query the settings directly using {{ site.settings['setting-name'] }} or using the shortcut {{ site.setting-name }}.

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